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The word aesthetic was first used by A. Baumgarten, based on the Greek word “Aiesthesis” meaning “knowledge by means of sensitivity”. Today, however, it is not difficult to observe that all concepts have been emptied or changed shape. The word “aesthetics” started to appear in almost every sentence. Concepts are updated and renovated in economic concerns, for example; Nikolaj Tesla has made breakthroughs in electricity with spiral coils for years, and he put his seal on many innovations that are used today and even in the technology of the future. When we start typing Tesla into the search engines, it is not difficult to predict the result, we will probably come across a car image or a special mix of a coffee seller. If we want to continue the example with our hearts bent, we may find ourselves involuntarily on a home music system page while searching for Salvador Dali...

Along with these, new concepts began to pop up in our lives, the technology of our age, internet terms took a big place in our lives.

I would like to add something to the concepts that have been included in our lives over time, "Human Holes". While I do not impose a limit on this concept, I would like to briefly explain to you my thoughts; such as the screens where we view the internet browser, where we regularly test the connection strength in 4 letters, the unopened windows in the aerodynamic plazas with the helipad on the top, and the negative/positive rounding forms in the landscaping on long roads we encounter in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, we hold on to our lives with these holes these "one thing led to another" days even when thinking about ourselves. We participate in online exhibitions, create music lists, and try to breathe and observe from our holes that we can't even get our heads out of. These days, unfortunately, beyond our control (covid-19), we have to spend more time with ourselves and live in these holes.

So, after we get through this mandatory quarantine period, will our concepts that keep their vitality be updated again, will we get out of our holes and live more on the streets, will we start listening instead of waiting for each other's speech to end, or will we talk about the record price or who programmed it while talking about the artificial intelligence painting sold for 432k at the auction?

Emre Ezelli Istanbul 2020

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