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Is corona tangent? Are we the chosen gene? Hey Battery People!

Güncelleme tarihi: 6 Nis 2022

Once upon a time, we watched TV commercials between series and movies, and we used to sing the choruses of their generic music during the day. The commercials had robotic characters drumming and running triathlons with their batteries, which they claimed were "up to 10 times more powerful" than others.

Each robot was more aggressive, gigantic and stunning than the previous one! With the development of technology, the animated characters were always more vivid and powerful than the previous render. It was running, jumping, jumping, lifting and lowering his cross fit equipment. It did not burn a little on the long road, and it did not burn at all in the evening traffic. Every clockwise movement he made really deserved 10 out of 10. The keywords "buy this battery, buy the battery, did you buy the battery" were being engraved in our subconscious. Well, these batteries didn't run out, we didn't ask why we were buying them. We bought them and stopped even though we knew that the batteries would not run out. Well, these batteries were inexhaustible…

In recent days, we have been shaken and decayed by a development that we remember living in the same world, which is completely contrary to this metaphor.

Coronavirus in China around 2012; In the competition called "A Thousand Talents" in the field of biology, chemistry and medicine, while the HIV/CCR5-free baby" experiments were carried out, it was 4 km from the Wuhan P4 laboratory by mistake. In addition to the theory that it spread to the marketplace in the distance, from there to seafood and then became a snowball effect by being infected with the people around, the local governments, which turned the agenda crisis into an opportunity and turned a blind eye to the environment, announced the pasta with a sale price of 2₺ at a discount, and "the boss went crazy". Leading e-shopping sites printing themed banners are simmering in the meantime…

What is going on, where is the world going, where are we going? All our dreams, plans, and excitements so far can be exchanged for one…. respirator. How did the fear suddenly make us helpless, right? The death rates in Italy are really sad, the images of the military vehicles, which are not even sounding the sirens, running one after the other in the silent streets, have crushed your heart. So was the news of death from the Middle East almost a month ago, I'm sure your heart was shattered as you watched the people trying to survive by crossing the Edirne Greece border trying to burst their boots! The corpses of children washed up on the shore are still in our minds.

Now we have started not to go to the toilet without disinfectant, we have started to wipe the paper cups with detergent water. The fear of survival is starting to grow somewhere in all of us right now, isn't it? As it is known, protein synthesis experiments on genes (1999/2003/2005) are carried out according to race selection, and the love of the pure race, which started with Mengele in the 1940s, has always been a role model for the desire to create the ideal person. For years, we admiringly watched the teams that will play in the world's first 11, the war of 2 giants and those trying to survive with the feathers falling from their capes. We took the texts of the brands with the most ambitious slogans such as "if you use this, you will not run out of battery, you will survive" on every advertisement poster of the big companies with the most brands in the world, we printed them on t-shirts, wore them and shared it with our hearts on the social media accounts of the same big companies. So, is there anything we missed? Our battery is running out. We started to slow down even while walking, while we were refreshing our breath with a glass of water after climbing the stairs, we decorated our digital stories with our photos taken with yoga mats in gyms.

Did we save the world after sharing a post on social media accounts with our sensitivity? I don't think so; Our battery is dying, the world is dying, we are slowing down, we do not hold our hands, our arms do not rise, and our love of consumption leads us to the things we sneer at right now. Everyone trying to be the top tweeter is about to buy a Bentley with a project that will turn the crisis into an opportunity, I'm sure we will get through this phase as well. Then we will go back to our normal life and continue watching the commercials…

Emre Ezelli March 2020

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